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FlexiSpine is the flexible backbone of your business. It is a flexi-rigid system -- flexible enough to respond to changing business needs, yet rigid enough to enforce the controls & standards. It enables the management to control the business with a minimal staff & without having to invest in complex systems which cause undue rigidity.


After completing more than 100 installations, FlexiSpine was metamorphosed into the next-gen platform -- TaskTrack.


TaskTrack is a platform which enables you to deliver any project or to develop any product. To understand the thought process behind the development of TaskTrack, please click here.

To understand how TaskTrack can help you deliver any project, visit Services section.

We have already developed the following products

  • ShopFlow caters to the needs of Lean manufacturing for mass produced products,
  • BuildFlow helps the Project Manufacturing/Construction businesses &
  • ServiceFlow enables a superior Customer Service for capital goods sector.
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ShopFlow - Login with "Guest" as username & password OR download a Presentation

BuildFlow - Login with "Guest" as username & password

ServiceFlow - coming soon
"ShopFlow provides precise control on production & inventory without any conscious effort. We have been able to track the inventory at various stages of production and bring a control on the same. The average inventory reduced by 13.5% in just 3 months. ShopFlow is also ..."

Abhay Chidri
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Jan. 2017 : Two more implementations of ShopFlow started. Implementation of ShopFlow started in a pharma & an agribusiness company. Read more

Dec. 2016 : ShopFlow proves its prowess. ShopFlow proves its capabilities – by reducing the customer's inventory by 13%. Read more