We offer customised solutions developed on TaskTrack platform.


TaskTrack enables you to build any system by just adding database entries, without touching the source code. For more details, see this Presentation


Using these capabilities of TaskTrack, we have developed the following systems.

1) A typical trading operation where goods are bought from vendors & are sold through a chain of retail shops & short-period exhibitions
2) Operations of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) service company.
3) Approval & calculation of a complex set of Discount schemes for customers.
4) R&D activity involving plant breeding.
5) A typical Budgeting & Expense Control system for a multi-subsidiary group
6) Operations of an international trading company focusing on a very small range of products, but dealing in HUGE volumes.
7) A manufacturing/marketing operation where goods are produced in one factory & are sold through a chain of retail shops
8) A trading operation where each piece has to be tracked using a unique identification number
9) Loan Origination System for retail/corporate loans.


For the details of business processes mapped in these systems, download this file.

"ShopFlow provides precise control on production & inventory without any conscious effort. We have been able to track the inventory at various stages of production and bring a control on the same. The average inventory reduced by 13.5% in just 3 months. ShopFlow is also ..."

Abhay Chidri
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