Welcome to Pra-Vi Infosolutions

At Pra-Vi Infosolutions, we offer IT solutions in the areas of Operations Support & MIS.

We believe in Rapid Response. This is enabled by the inherent customisability of our solutions. The Products page explains how this is achieved.

We also believe in the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership for our customers, rather than offering piece-meal solutions with lurking hidden-costs.

With a robust & unified design, our products easily Adapt & Grow Organically. They respond smoothly to changes in business environment, internal policies, growth & related complexities.

FlexiSpine was our fist product, built on the concept of the flexible backbone of your business. Before nearing technological obsolescence, FlexiSpine was implemented in more than 30 companies at more than 100 locations & then was metamorphosed into the next-gen product - TaskTrack.

TaskTrack is a complete development platform. We have built more than 10 customised solutions in a wide range of business sectors. These solutions range from mini-ERP to functional systems (like R&D, Sales Incentive Management, etc.). The sectors addressed by TaskTrack range from simple Trading to complex technical areas lke Non-Destructive Testing.

We have also built 3 products on this platform. These products cater to the specific needs of --

  • Lean manufacturing for mass produced products,
  • Project Manufacturing businesses &
  • Customer Service for capital goods.

Check out our Products page for more details.

"ShopFlow provides precise control on production & inventory without any conscious effort. We have been able to track the inventory at various stages of production and bring a control on the same. The average inventory reduced by 13.5% in just 3 months. ShopFlow is also ..."

Abhay Chidri
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